Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Release concert

Forfatter: Erik Forster

The stage is set for a much-anticipated happening when Svein Tang Wa is poised to release his first album in 10 years. With his loyal friend Per Ravnaas at the mixing desk controls, Tang Wa has finally got his finger out and a Spor 5 concert celebration is in order.

A Tang Wa concert is always unpredictable, funny, playful and thought provoking. One of Stavanger’s foremost artists, he is recognised as a troubadour, guitarist, graphic artist and not least a brilliant wordsmith with great lyrics both for his own use and for bands such as Vamp and Stavangerensemblet. His band “Gjøkene” (English – “The Cuckoos”), the clan behind his legendary album “Hørr Gjøken” from 1998, have over time become a band of mature chaps but nonetheless revert to a childlike state in the company of Tang Wa. They also make up the cream of the crop of the region’s artists.


Line-up: Svein Tang Wa – vocals; Johan Egdetveit – accordion; Øystein Eldøy – bass; Stein Inge Brækhus – drums; Arne Skage – guitar; Reidar Larsen – keyboards; Arne Skage – guitar