Hopp til hovedinnholdet

«A gotic Kate Bush»

Forfatter: Erik Forster

Susanna is one of Norway’s most exciting musicians with wealth of genre-spanning productions to her name. She interprets everything from Gunvor Hofmo in an alternative rock domain (“Jeg vil hjem til menneskene” – 2011), to investigating dark, contemporary jazz with Jenny Hval (“Meshes of Voice” – 2014). Not to mention fantastic cover versions of Kiss, Joy Division, Dylan and Cohen together with Morten Qvenild (Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – “Melody Mountain” – 2006).

Susanna demonstrates a unique artistic capacity and an ability to rejuvenate. This was amply demonstrated in her commissioned piece for this year’s Vossajazz festival where she put to use the work of 16th century artist Hieronymus Bosch as a starting point for new musical avenues. Bosch was preoccupied with depicting the many choices of man himself – desire, sin and temptation on the road to eternal damnation – or eternal life, if one chooses rightly.
“A gothic Kate Bush” was one of the comments made after her Vossajazz performance, itself a powerful, exquisite listening experience that Stavanger listeners will now have the opportunity to hear at Spor 5.



Susanna – vocals, piano, electronics

Stina Moltu – guitar, vocals, cassette player

Ina Sagstuen – vocals, electronics, synth, floor tom

Natali Garner – vocals, electronics, percussion

Ida L. Hidle – accordion, vocals

Silje Grimstad – lighting design

Kristina Ringvold – sound design