Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Spyro Gyra - first time ever in Stavanger

Spyro Gyra have toured the world over for several decades, but Stavanger has never been a stop-off point for one of the biggest names in fusion – until now! In April we finally get to present this band that packs out venues across all continents, the band that almost 40 years ago released their debut album and have since sold more than 10 million albums. They’ve had hits with “Morning Dance” and “Shaker Song” and are just as full of vitality today as at the start of their careers.

Spyro Gyra are a band that manage to transfer the precision of the recording studio over to a live setting. They shine with playful solos and extremely tight interplay where pleasing melody lines and feel-good grooves are always the focus.


Line-up: Jay Beckenstein – sax; Julio Fernandez – guitar; Scott Ambush – bass; Tom Schuman – keyboards; Lionel Cordew – drums