Hopp til hovedinnholdet

With her latest and 16th album, Silje Nergaard has stepped into a new and more electric realm, with warm keyboards underpinned by electric bass, funky drums and African percussion.

Forfatter: Erik Forster

For the last two decades, Nergaard has been one of Norway’s hottest jazz exports and has experienced global success. Now, her fresh compositions are making headlines, with motifs based on her own experiences: A mother in Africa waiting for the rain. A coconut seller in Italy. Two old people from Korea reunited after a lifetime of being in love. Entitled “For You a Thousand Times”, the tunes on this latest album spring from these pictures in her heart.


“The album is about people that affect me,” says Nergaard. “Some of the stories are my own, others are far less visceral, but they touch something inside me. That’s how the album title came about.”


She is joined by a multitude of Norway’s most cutting-edge performers. All are brilliant and distinctive instrumentalists, together creating a vibrant and playful sound.


Line-up: Silje Nergaard – vocals; Audun Erlien – bass; Andreas Ulvo – piano;

Wetle Holte – drums; Sidiki Camara – percussion; Mathias Eick – trumpet; Håkon Aase – violin; Håkon Kornstad – saxophone.