Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Forfatter: Erik Forster

In 2010, Omar Hakim and Rachel Z put together “Trio of Oz” and released a critically acclaimed album. Appearing in Stavanger in quartet format this April, it isn’t just anybody who will take the stage.


Omar Hakim is a name that resonates powerfully amongst drummers. With names like Weather Report, Miles Davis, Bowie and Sting on his CV, he has made his mark on countless rock-jazz and jazz-rock albums. His distinctive style and technical brilliance have made him a sought-after asset in both the studio and live settings.


Rachel Z has in many way followed the same path and played with some big names from several genres including Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke and Peter Gabriel, as well as building up a solid reputation in her own right as a keyboardist in the fusion genre.


Powerful arrangements of songs by for example The Police or Depeche Mode can often manifest at an Oz project performance. For Stavanger, the band will have a highly varied set list up their sleeve which will also comprise bassist Linley Marthe and guitarist Louis Winsberg, the latter of whom many have heard on several previous occasions at Maijazz with French group, Sixun.