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Writer , Artist ,Composer and Pianist - A Renaissance Man

Following last year’s success with his book “SEKSTITALLET” (“The 60s”), Ketil Bjørnstad follows up this year with “SYTTITALLET” (“The 70s”). Bjørnstad’s book is
a main focus of Aschehoug Publishing this autumn. It is also the main title in “Nye Bøker” book club. Together with Anne Grosvold, Bjørnstad talks about the 70s, the book and plays music he composed during that decade – a decade coloured by major upheavals, both at home and abroad. He writes about his friendship with Ole Paus, meetings with big personalities such as Erik Bye Jens Bjørneboe, Lill Lindfors and Cornelis Vreesvijk. An extended and not least musical book café with Anne Grosvold in charge of ceremonies.

About Ketil Bjørnstad:

There is something of the Renaissance Man about Ketil Bjornstad who is recognised as a unique figure in the arts in Norway. Trained as a concert pianist, he has recorded over thirty albums since 1973, including five volumes of solo piano and collaborations with both jazz and rock musicians. Alongside his music career, he has been equally prolific as a writer, with over 30 novels plus collections of poetry and books of essays. Bjørnstad has several CD recordings on ECM with artists like Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen and Tore Brunborg to mention a few.

Arranged in collaboration with Kapittel ́16.