Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Electronic music composer, producer and practitioner

John Derek Bishop has recent releases on the Jazzland Recordings label under the alias of Tortusa and has received critical acclaim in Germany, Canada and Norway. Bishop utilises various forms of hardware and software for his compositions and live performances. For example, old tape recorders, modular synthesizers, samplers and various others gadgets. A cornerstone of Bishop’s productions is the resonance and structure of the soundscape itself.


Bishop has previously created collages by Bodhild Vossgård from the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, indie rock artist Sebastian Waldejer, jazz trio Moskus, The Paper Pilots, Violet Dream and several others. He has also composed for and performed together with modern dance and performance shows in Norway, the UK and France for several years. Additionally, he has created music for the short films “Limerence”, “Hyperspace” and “Across the dreams”.