Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Obstfelder Live at Spor 5

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Sigbjørn Obstfelder – Scandinavia’s first modernist – Jan Erik Vold and Egil Kapstad (plus band) will be putting together a performance at Spor 5. “Obstfelder Live” will be a meeting of two of Norway’s greatest poets. Vold has, through his recitals and together with accompaniment from jazz pianist Egil Kapstad, made Obstfelder and the modern lyric accessible.


Born in 1939, Vold is an author, essayist, translator, cultural debater and record artist. He debuted as a lyricist in 1965 with the collection entitled “Mellom speil og speil”, and has a significant production behind him. This year sees the release of “Kánon/kannon/kanón – en krønike om litterær kvalitet”. He has released records with great artists such as Chet Baker, Jan Garbarek and Egil Kapstad himself. Vold has practically reigned supreme in Norway within jazz and poetry.


Born in 1940, Kapstad is a jazz pianist, composer and arranger, who as a professional musician has over a 40-year-long status as one of Norway’s most paramount jazz pianists and has been accoladed with several awards and recognitions. Together, both he and Vold have had several musical collaborations where jazz meets poetry.


In collaboration with SFJ and Stavanger Cultural Centre, Sølvberget.