Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Wily, fresh, unpretentious and fun

Forfatter: Erik Forster

The trio haven’t released any music, and those of us who went to Spor 5 that evening did so blindly, but got really lucky,” wrote Aftenbladet journalist Leif Tore Lindø in a very warm critique of Gurls’ debut during MaiJazz 2017. “We laughed, got goose pimples and breathed in the vapours of something new, fresh and pleasing.”

Gurls have now released two singles, with February seeing the release of their debut album “Run Boy, Run” and a Stavanger concert to mark the occasion.


The band comprises three of Norway’s most sought-after musicians, who describe themselves as a “musical time-out”, performing music with a self-ironic twist. The lyrics and music have a recognisable base in the soul and pop music world, with references to Rihanna as well as Neneh Cherry.


With playful energy, oozing self-confidence and their own unique musical experiences, they form a discreet and funky unit of effervescent and spontaneous creativity – with depth.

Line up: Rohey Taalah – vocals; Hanna Paulsberg – saxophone; Ellen Andrea Wang – bass