Hopp til hovedinnholdet

New project from three former key figures in Vamp. Get ready for Blest.

Forfatter: Erik Forster

A fresh, warm westerly wind is blowing. Paul Hansen, Torbjørn Økland and Calle Apeland – all former Vamp members – released “Blest” (English: tempest/ storm) on 24th March 2017. As the album title implies, Vamp fans will recognise the maritime, Celtic-inspired sound that formed the foundation of one of Norway’s biggest acts during the 90s and 2000s. Blest have, however, grown their own wings. While the mother band were famous for songs of the sea, the fledgling demonstrates social awareness with their fresh debut single, “I dine sko” (“In your shoes”).


The band premiered at Festiviteten in Haugesund on 1st April this year. The reception at the sell-out venue was both fantastic and visceral, as though the audience had been anticipating this for a very long time. Not many of those present will forget that concert, allowing us every reason to believe that this is the start of yet another long and healthy chapter in Norwegian music.


Die-hard fans will also recognise Økland’s tasteful mandolin lines and Apeland’s  solid basswork, whilst yet another Vamp-related member – Tore Jamne – is behind the drums. The band are joined by Marie Klåpbakken on vocals and violin who can also be heard on coming releases and live performances.


Hansen, Økland and Apeland decided to pick up where they had left off in 2015, yet on their own terms.


“We have been working on this release for two years and are really looking forward to it,” says Hansen. “Not least, we’re looking forward to getting out on the road and playing.”


Line-up: Paul Hansen – vocals; Calle Apeland – bass; Torbjørn Økland – guitar/mandolin/trumpet; Tore Jamne – drums; Halvor Lillesund – keyboards; Marie Klåpbakken – vocals/violin